Facial Products

The secret to great looking skin is proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and natural products that don't pollute your body. We can help you with the latter. Our specially designed facial products will help you reveal your own radiant natural beauty.


facial tea

Facial Tea

Facial teas are used in the "steaming" step of a home facial. Steaming helps to open follicles, increase blood circulation, and soften the skin. These facial tea bags are filled with a special blend of beneficial herbs. Just place one in a bowl of hot water and let the steam release and carry the botanical properties to your skin. There are 3 tea bags to a package.
Facial Tea (3/package) - $3.00

Rose Petal Face Mask

Rose Petal Face Mask

Unlike any other face mask, this one is specially formulated for mature skin that requires a more gentle treatment. Clay based masks can be drying and too harsh for women over 35. We have developed a mask that helps to tone and nourish your skin while gently helping to remove dirt and impurities. Made with Damask Roses picked when their petals are the most saturated with oils, nutrient rich spirulina, and soothing oatmeal, this mask is superior to any on the market today.
Rose Petal Face Mask - .06 oz. jar $15.00

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